ACM-W North America Executive Committee (2021-2023)

ACM-W North America is led by the Executive Committee that oversees and drives the mission and goals of ACM-W North America. Launched in October 2019, the Committee is organized into subcommittees and working groups of volunteers. As a group, the Committee develops the strategy for driving all involved to support, celebrate, promote, advocate and inform in various aspects of women in computing. The Executive Committee members have experience in various capacities (academia, industry, non-profits, and public organizations) and are ACM members who support ACM initiatives.

Dr. Lindsay Jamieson, Chair and Treasurer

Teaching Professor at the Roux Institute at Northeastern University (USA) 

“I really enjoy the problem solving that goes into computing.  Answering questions like “How does this work? What can I do to solve this problem faster?” is a lot of fun.  I realized early in my career that I also really enjoy helping students find these questions and their own answers to them, which led me to become a professor of computer science.”

Dr. Rocio Aldeco Pérez, Vice Chair; Chair, Nominations

Research Associate Professor of Computer Engineering at National Autonomous University of Mexico (Mexico) 

“Everything started during secondary school when I got a scholarship to learn ‘how to use computers’. It was my first interaction with a computer and its software. I really wanted to know how all that was made! Since then, all my academic choices, from high school to PhD, have been focus on Computer Science. I am very happy I get to know my professional passion since then.”

Angela Zavaleta Bernuy, Student Co-Chair, Celebrations


University of Toronto 

“After taking my first-year programming course, I was surprised I could do so much with so little and got me curious about all the different fields I could explore!”

Alexandra Camero, Student Co-Chair, Student Chapters


University of Massachusetts – Amherst and Smith College 

“I took a leap of faith and decided to major in Computer Science with 0 programming experience after being encouraged by my father and brother. The fun I had (and continue to have) learning about algorithms is what made me stay.”

Dr. Helen Chavez, Co-Chair, Celebrations
Lecturer and Researcher at Arizona State University 

“I wrote my first code in high school. It was fascinating to see how some lines of code became a window with a message in the screen!!! After that, I find my passion for Computer Science and Software Engineering. I loved coding as much as testing software. The latter got me closer to Human Computer Interaction and user-centered development, and it was then when I started my current path in Affective Computing and User Experience design and research.”


Shirley Fong, Student Co-Chair, Communications


Simmons University 

“As a first-generation college student, I wasn’t able to be given the opportunities or the privileges to freely explore the STEM fields as a child. I discovered my love for computing during college and it made me feel empowered using statistics and computational methods to help make discoveries in data.”

Adriana Lizeth Campuzano Martinez, Student Co-Chair, Communications


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Dr. Monica McGill, Immediate Past Chair
Associate Professor of Computer Science at Knox College (USA) 

President & CEO of

“I learned to program in high school, and, after making the tough choice between a career in music or computer science, I chose computer science and never looked back.”

Ruchika Mehta, Student Co-Chair, Celebrations


Drexel University 

“Growing up I have always been fascinated by the advanced James Bond gadgets or the invincible cyborg, Terminator. I strongly believe that being a part of this constantly evolving field would challenge me to always strive for more information and equip me with the tools to improve our lifestyles with innovative technological solutions.”

Dr. Mirna Muñoz, Co-Chair, Communications


Professor of Software Engineering at Centro de Investigación en Matemáticas A.C. – sede Zacatecas 

“My interest growing up during bachelor in informatics because for me it was amazing to discover the things you can create to help others.”

Chanthea Quinland, Student Co-Chair, Empowerment of Marginalized Communities


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Naaz Sibia, Student Co-Chair, Empowerment of Marginalized Communities


University of Toronto 

“I took a programming course in high school and found myself looking forward to it. Thinking of using my knowledge to solve real-world problems efficiently seemed enthralling to me.”

Dr. Vandana Singh, Chair, Student Chapters
Associate Professor, iSchool at University of Tennessee 

“I have always been interested in technology and especially in the role that technology can play in empowerment. In particular I am interested in diversity and inclusion in Information Technology education, research and industry. I am deeply passionate about improving women’s experience in the IT industry by understanding the environment, creating awareness and developing solutions for equity in software engineering.”

Dr. Christine Strom, Co-Chair, Celebrations
Systems Engineering Leader at Cisco Systems (USA) 

“I started at a young age programming a Tandy TRS-80 in high school because it was new and sounded really cool.”

Shana V. White, Chair, Empowerment of Marginalized Communities


Senior Associate of CS Equity and Justice Initiatives, Kapor Center 

“I became interested in computing while teaching in the K12 classroom and wanted to find a better way to engage and excite students learning in my courses as well as make job-related tasks easier for me to complete. I see technology and computing when used ethically and justice-centered as a way to disrupt the status quo and increase opportunities for marginalized people to create a better world for themselves and their communities. “



In addition to the executive committee, volunteers also help our subcommittees run smoothly and efficiently.

  • Student Chapters: Vandana Singh, Chair, Alexandra M. Camero Bejarano, Student Co-Chair, Gina Gallegos-García, Ting Hu
  • Celebrations: Helen Chavez and Christine Strom, Co-Chairs, Angela Zavaleta Bernuy and Ruchika Mehta, Student Co-Chairs, Isela Borroel, Gina Gallegos-García, Muthulakshmi (Lakshmi) Muthukumarasamy, Rossy Sanchez
  • Communications: Mirna Muñoz, Co-Chair, Shirley Fong and Adriana Lizeth Campuzano Martinez, Student Co-Chairs, Donna Gavin, Dr. Siobhan Day Grady, Ting Hu, Alan Jamieson, Paige Lowe, Amy Schneider
  • Empowerment of Marginalized Communities Subcommittee: Tia Madkins and Shana V. White, Co-Chairs, Chanthea Quinland and Naaz Sibia, Student Co-Chairs, Shani Daily, Kemi Ola, Marcela Quiroz

To contact the committee, please email us

To volunteer with the committee, please review the information on the volunteers page and apply. Volunteer needs are dependent on current initiatives.