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ACM-W North America Student Chapters

ACM-W Student Chapters in North America support women interested in and studying computing. If you’re interested in starting a chapter at your school, reach out to us

Supporting Women through an ACM-W North America Student Chapter

Sometimes a little support goes a long way in encouraging women in computing. Student chapters are a way of providing the following:

  • Activities to educate women about the opportunities in the computing field
  • Engage women students in exciting computing activities
  • Connect students with women leaders in the field
  • Encourage students to promote the field of computing to young girls
  • Promote the activities of ACM
  • Network with other ACM-W Chapter leaders and members
  • Mentor chapter members and pre-college girls
  • Broaden the computing community
  • Extend the conversation about why it’s important to increase the number of women in computing.

The ACM-W North America Student Chapter Program is part of the larger ACM-W and ACM Student Chapter Program. You will receive guidance from ACM-W about activities and the day-to day running of a Chapter. Your Chapter can also draw on the resources and experiences of the larger ACM-W and ACM Student Chapter network – over 500 Student Chapters worldwide.


Additional Resources

For more information and ideas, check the following resources:

ACM-W North America Student Chapter Subcommittee Members

Lindsay Jamieson, Co-Chair; Vandana Singh, Co-Chair; Gina Gallegos-García; Ting Hu