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Volunteer with ACM-W North America

ACM-W North America, like ACM-W, is organized and led by professional and student volunteers. The committee supervises the activities and initiatives that support all North American chapters of ACM-W. There are many opportunities to help others while also building your own network and leadership experience.

The committee seeks professional (two-year terms) and student (one-/two-year terms) volunteers from across North America who are interested in serving as subcommittee chairs and/or members. To ensure we fully represent North America, we especially encourage volunteers outside of the U.S. (Mexico, Canada, and other countries in North America).

Subcommittee chairs will participate in monthly Executive Committee meetings (August-May) and lead subcommittee meetings, as appropriate (max. ~1x per month, August-May).

Subcommittee members will participate in subcommittee meetings (max. ~1x per month, August-May).

ACM-W North America Subcommittees

  • Celebrations: Leads the efforts to sustain, support, and grow Celebrations throughout North America.
  • Communications: Leads all formal and informal communication efforts from the ACM-W North America Committee (including, but not limited to newsletters, website, and social media).
  • Empowerment of Marginalized Communities: Leads the efforts to empower, support, and connect individuals who have been systemically pushed to the fringes in computing.
  • Nominations: Leads efforts to identify, vet, and/or present people identified as potential candidates for the ACM-W North America Committee.
  • Student Chapters: Leads the efforts in sustaining, supporting, and growing student chapters throughout North America.

Current Positions Available

Professionals (term: 2022-2024)Communication Chair(s)
At-Large Members
Students (terms (by classification):
2022-2023; 2022-2024)
Celebrations Chair(s)
Communications Chair(s)
Student Chapters Chair(s)
Empowerment of Marginalized Communities Chair(s)
Nominations Chair(s)
At-Large Members

Application Instructions

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis for positions on the Committee. Please allow time for the Committee to review your application and respond.

 Submit your professional volunteer application here.

 Submit your student volunteer application here.

Note: Demographic information is collected on the applications to ensure that the committee follows Article III, Section 9 of the Committee Constitution: The ACM-W North America Committee members shall make every effort to ensure that the Committee includes diverse representation across sectors (academia, industry, nonprofit, and government), ACM SIGs, geographical locations (including countries across North America), identities (e.g., race/ethnicity, sexual identity, gender),